Series Launch for Insiders!!

Aussie Periscope Girl launched today with a special first look for ‘insiders’.
Those in the know got to see the first episode before the series is launched globally next week!
If you want to become an insider, just subscribe on the welcome page and become a part of this special group.

To view all episodes each week, simply select the ‘EPISODE’ tab in the menu bar.

Did you notice something different about our series? Yes! you guessed it. All episodes have been shot and edited on a Phone!
Aussie Periscope Girl wanted to do something different with this series and combine technology with film and TV, showcasing a brand new way to create content. We are very excited to bring you new phone generated episodes each week starting now, in series one!.

we hope you enjoy the series and we would love to hear from you! So reach out, send us a tweet, say hello and join Sonia over on Instagram or Facebook.

And if you want to know our upcoming show schedule, you can find that here on IMDB.